Steel With Bulb - Non Adjustable Shock

Available With or Without a Schrader Valve To Comply with Rules

Non Adjustable Shocks.

The GS1 is a steel mono-tube, non-adjustable gas shock absorber.  It's available in 7" and 9" stroke and any possible valving or split valving.  It has a large built-on gas reservoir. This increases the volume of gas the shock will hold, which lowers the unwanted increase in rod pressure that comes with stroke.



  • Large 48mm bore for maximum control.

  • Positive stainless steel no-drag scraper to keep any dirt and debris out.

  • Solid Carbo-Nitrided Alloy shaft.
  • Low friction Teflon lined self lubricating 1/2 inch bearing on both ends.
  • The finest High quality, High viscosity index shock absorber oils.
  • Double checked  low-speed valving design with .00004" precision components.
  • The GS1 is completely rebuildable - revalvable.

  • Available With or Without a Schrader Valve To Comply with Rules.

The GS1 is completely rebuildable, and revalvable.

With or without Schrader Valves according to your Rules.

Series Extended Length Compressed Length  Travel Weight
GS1 - 7" 19 3/4 12 3/4 7 inch #4.3
GS1 - 9" 23 3/4 14 3/4 9 inch #4.9

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  • 3600 Coil Over Kit for GD,GS1 and GS0 Series Shocks is required for coil over applications with 2 1/2 springs.

  • 3675 Coil Over Kit for 5" Springs for GS0 and GS1 series shocks.
  • We highly recommend that you check with your chassis builder for their latest  recommendations as technology changes very frequently.

  • Always check the travel on all shocks for rebound extension and compression travel as some cars need a 1" or 2" shock extensions in some applications.

  • Also available in the GS1 and G1 series are standard valvings like GS175, GS176, GS194 and GS195 and so on.
  • Some cars run a shock in front of the left rear to control the motion on acceleration and braking like a GS194-0 or GS195-0 for Sweeping corner tracks and GS196-0 or a GS196-2 for tighter corner tracks. And on slick tracks when hunting for more traction some cars use a dummy shock GS190. Also available in G1 series. Adjust your gas pressure accordingly any where from 50 psi to 200 psi.

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