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Genesis Adjustable Instructions Sheet

The GXB3 is a mono - tube double adjustable base valve it's available in 5" - 6" - 7" - 8" and 9" stroke and any possible valving or split valving.

The GXB3 has a fully anodized aluminum body with a large built-on gas reservoir. This increases the volume of gas the shock will hold, which lowers the unwanted increase in rod pressure that comes with stroke. It also has a base valve that allows the shock to be effectively operated from zero to 300 PSI gauge pressure.


The GXB3 is completely rebuildable - revalvable.


More Stability and Control

More Traction


GX Piston Features.
Increased counter-pressure pre-load enabled.
Directional differential annular design.
Improved low speed characteristics.
Precision pressure control.
Decreased high speed restriction.

Improved high acceleration characteristics.

Improved flow.

Improved profile consistency.

Anodized aluminum.

Resistance to micro-fissure.


  • The GXB3 has the largest true rebound and compression range of adjustments. 3 to 8 on Rebound and Compression is standard, Also available in other ranges. Both adjustments are thru the rod.

  • Large 48mm bore for maximum control and reduction of rod pressure buildup.

  • Largest 75mm built on gas reservoir.

  • High strength 10 turns per inch external threads with adjusting nut locking grooves.

  • Positive stainless steel no-drag scraper to keep any dirt and debris out.

  • Hollow chrome-moly shaft.
  • Low friction Teflon lined self lubricating 1/2 inch bearing on both ends.
  • The finest high quality, high viscosity index, 100% Synthetic Shock absorber oil virtually 0 thermal expansion.
  • Has a base valve that allows the shock to be effectively operated from zero to 300 PSI gauge pressure.
  • Double checked  low-speed valving design.
  • Completely independent rebound and compression adjustment.
  • If more Extended length is needed as in a shock extension it MUST be ordered on shock when ordering like below


  • Much more traction than standard shocks especially in slick conditions.

  • More driver feel which results in better feedback to adjust to ever changing track conditions.

Standard Eyering Lengths
Series Extended Length Compressed Length  Travel Weight
GXB3 - 5" 15 3/4 11 1/4 4 1/2 inch #3.0
GXB3 - 6" 17 3/4 12 1/4  5 1/2  inch #3.2
GXB3 - 7" 19 3/4 13 1/4 6 1/2 inch #3.4
GXB3 - 8" 21 3/4 14 1/4 7 1/2 inch #3.6
GXB3 - 9" 24 3/4 15 3/4 9 inch #3.8
Extended Lengths
Series Extended Length Compressed Length  Travel
GXB3E5 16 3/4 12 1/4 4 1/2 inch
GXB3E6 18 3/4 11 1/4  5 1/2  inch
GXB3E7 20 3/4 14 1/4 6 1/2 inch
GXB3E8 22 3/4 15 3/4 8 inch
GXB3E9 25 3/4 16 3/4 9 inch

You must set nitrogen pressure before use

As all Adjustable Shocks are shipped without  nitrogen.


Do not force pointer beyond the number range,

 As this may result in internal damage.

The GXB3 part numbers for Dirt

7" Stroke = GXB375D

7" Stroke off set = GXB3075D

7" Stroke off set Big Rebound Right Front GXB37BRD or GXB307BRD

9" Stroke = GXB395D

9" Stroke at 25 3/4 ext length = GXB39E5D

Or available in any other specified by customer.

The GXB3 part numbers for Pavement

7" Stroke Front = GXB375AF

7" Stroke Rear = GXB375AR

9" Stroke = GXB395A

Or available in any other specified by customer.

To Adjust the Compression or Rebound

To Adjust: Turn knob until arrow points to desired valve setting.

Compression Side Adjustment

Rebound Side Adjustment

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